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foolishheart;34052 wrote: Hey everyone!

My questions are:
1. I have a hiatal hernia. I have taken Prilosec OTC for 9 years. I’ve heard that the reduced acidity from using Prilosec helps the Candida. Do I keep taking this during Stage 1 & 2? If I stop taking it, and experience intense heartburn again, what can I do for that during those stages?

Hello Sarah,

I also have hiatus hernia. It is one of diagnosis I got during my search for answers with doctors. This info was very useful for me as it explained my chest pain that felt like heart attack 🙂

Well, I took meds for a little while, but then stopped because of the treatment. I did kind of suffer through it and stayed off the meds. It will be tough on you if you eat large meals with lots of fiber, which kind of did it for me. Also, lemon water bugged me for some reason, probably because the food and acid was going back up and made it all sore, so I took it in the middle of my meal on full stomach and that hurt less. I can tell you that in a while, after you start getting better, this will go away. Very rarely I feel some discomfort now, and I eat a HUGE salad for lunch. I tried doing five-six smaller meals per day, but I was doing nothing but eating all day and planning those little meals was just draining me. I went back to three meals a day and suffered through it until it got better.

So few things to watch out for and make it easier (you might know this already and I apologize if I am repeating it):
– Watch out for lots of fiber which takes a while to digest, the longer it takes to digest the more chance of it climbing up and doing damage which turns into heartburn
– Watch out for any kind of lifting after meals or bending over — everything got so much better for me when I stopped lifting my girls and they learned to climb out of cribs by themselves and dress themselves etc. That lifting and bending over was killing me
– Do not eat too late, give yourself couple of hours to digest the food and stay upright for those two hours (so no dozing off in front of TV ha-ha).

I am off the medication and now rarely get slight discomfort when I overdo with hot and spicy food (oh yes, about a month ago I reintroduced hot peppers and black pepper and how happy I am about it that I do not react to it any longer) but didn’t have any heartburn in a while.

Best of luck to you!