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thanks for the advice smitty…im also worried that i may have fungal meningitis from having this problem so neck hurts so bad i cant look up for any length of time or hold it in any position for long for that fainting i sometimes have small seizures,im always dizzy,my speach is sometimes slurred”people ask me if ive been drinking or taking pills-i dont do either”, my hands and feet are always freezing..i seem to have fits of epilepsy–when i play nintendo i will pass out 5 mins of turning it on sometimes…my spelling and typing is back to a 5th grade lvl it would seem,i sometimes wake up feeling hung over ..every doctor i tell these symptoms to looks at me like i am making this stuff up and treats me like im a idiot…ive even been to several ER’s when i have the seizures and all any again i just get treated like im lying or something,charged 600$ and kicked even getting sued by 2 of them right now….i almost feel like nothing short of wraping my car around a phone pole will get me the proper exanimation i need “””note im not going to do that that is just the only way i see actually getting somebody to look at me””” are you or anybody else aware of cases where meningitis was caused by candida or where somebody was misdiagnosed with candida when they actually had meningitis ? either way im almost positive the infection is in my back,neck,spine and brain i have been having these extreme symptons for months now and kind of afraid the die off is going to affect me very badly..i would appreciate any input anybody might have