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Since we don’t have all those herbs recommended for mood and anxiety problems, I just used B-complex and it did help some. Actually, it was prescribed to me by doctors several times (they were sure it’s all in my head and also for some nerve problems as my whole left side would go numb!) so I noticed that while I was taking it during my treatment, I could handle it a little better. Not that it will cure you, but it will get you up a little. I had anxiety so bad at times that I would have to stop the car somewhere until I calm down a bit. I also would almost lose consciousness at times. Not sure if it is candida or all those crazy symptoms scaring me badly, but I don’t have those any longer 🙂

Now, as all those B-Complex pills are off balance (you would get like 100% of one and perhaps 20% of the other), it should not be taken for very long time, but you will figure out how long do you need it. Our gut flora should produce enough vitamin B, but most of us doesn’t have it, so until we get that up, I think this helps a little.

I liked the one at the DM store best, it is three times as plain one, but it has more vitamin B and I noticed feeling better taking that one. Perhaps in my head, but suggest you try both and see how it goes.