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Hi “nekotamo”,

We already chatted via email but wanted to put it in the post for others to know. I had high cholesterol before starting the treatment, and this was the first time in 40 years of my life. I was advised no fat etc. Because I needed something for energy, I resorted to fat since we can’t have too many carbs. I am eating lots of pig fat, butter, EVOO, drinking lots of bone broth (which does contain significant amount of fat as well) etc. Oh yes, and lots of eggs, between 3 and 6 per day. Had my regular checkup the other day, had huge breakfast before blood draw (didn’t know you are supposed to do it on empty stomach!), had three eggs on pig fat, oat bran cereal with at least tablespoon of butter, 500ml of bone broth soup. The cholesterol (and everything else) was just fine!

So those of you who have high cholesterol, monitor it, but looks like this diet does reduce it even with consuming stuff that today’s medicine says not to because it causes high cholesterol. I blame candida for my high cholesterol, although I do not know enough about it, or perhaps my diet was not as healthy as I thought it was. It was similar to the current one, but with addition of breads, milk, cheese etc.