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Jorge, couldn’t find your post again on S. boulardii, so I found this post, and thought I would ask. I haven’t really tried that species of probiotic again, but I know I did last year before my whole candida journey this year, trying to heal. Sometimes I felt like it helped, and other times not, so I can’t really say anything for this year. My question is, what type of S. boulardii did you buy? I tried a couple; first one I tried was Jarrow’s last year, and I felt horrible; I researched it, and maybe it was due to the mos (sugars-right?). Then, tried florastor; sometimes okay, other times, not. Just curious? I can’t say anything now as I am starting to handle some supplements more and more as I am trying to heal! I just know I have read good stuff about this strain in the past, too; especially in crohn’s patients as I feel I relate even though I have my colon out now. I don’t if you have read some of my stories, but yes, long, nasty road I have been down!!