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Jo*Jo;31325 wrote: As I’ve mentioned before, I’m considering having one christmas dinner. Turkey, some other kind of meat, sausages, bacon, potatoes, gluten free yorkshire puddings, gluten free stuffing..

I’ll be 8 months into the diet, and I’ll be armed with the anti fungals, kefir, probiotics, nox vomica etc..

But I’m interested to know how much damage one meal like this could do. If its a couple of weeks, I can do that. But if its months, I won’t do it. I appreciate it could be hard to say how long, and I’m not after a guarantee, just a rough idea.

Get Coconut Oil.
You can mix the potatoes and puddings with it. If you poison the food, candida can not ferment it.
I doubt candida colonies living in the intestinal lumen can ferment potatoes that have been mixed with liquid caprylic acid or coconut oil.

Poisoned food kill any organism that eat it. Candida isn’t an exception.