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Yes.. its a long time but i’m expecting to do this long again, if not more. At one point before I started, I naively thought it would take a month. HA! if only. I get my probiotics from Amazon UK usually and if not then Luxe BC, who are also on Amazon. There’s also a shop I ordered from once called Organic2yourdoor where I got my first bottle from (MegaFlora). The 80 billion ones are these.

What I hate the most, is being different. When we all sit around a table and people look at me and wonder why i’m not eating the same. Even if i’ve explained why. I’m kind of used to it a bit because before the diet I went gluten free but even so.. Last month i got asked if i was on “this funny diet to loose weight”. That really did it for me. I’ve lost lost loads of weight on this, although it stabilised a few months ago. But I am so not doing this for vanity!

But anyway i’m not complaining because what has improved so far has changed my life so much.