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I thought i’d say how i’ve been getting on.

On Christmas Day i had some gammon and a small amount of bacon. Plus stuffing made from (among other things) sesame seeds and millet. I didnt have anything else that wasnt on Able and Rasters diet from stage 1.

Prior to this i had suspected that i may react to millet but as a one off i thought i’d risk it.

Anyway whilst eating i had a bit of a fuzzy head and for a few minutes i felt strange around my chest but both soon went away. I had no digestion problems or tummy pains or anything else and was taking antifungals, chewing well and drinking plenty of water as planned.

Symptoms I was left with:
* a white tongue, which was tingling and the tingling went away after a few days. Oral hrush still remains
* I felt itchy down below again, along with an itchy nipple – both being the first time in months. The vaginal thrush has gone but the itchy nipple remains, on and off

This past week I had some stomach pain which once came after taking 80 billion probiotics on an empty stomach (as usual) and once after SF722 on an empty stomach (as usual)

So basically my main problem has been oral thrush which still hasnt gone. Just for the little I cheated on and the symptoms i’m still experiencing, it definitely was not worth it. After 8 months and before Christmas i still hadnt fully got rid of the oral thrush and now i wonder how much longer this will take. I only have myself to blame, of course.