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Hi, Jo.
I can’t say that I have a problem with everything she’s doing so for, but after treating and finally curing my own Candida infestation, I can say with confidence that she is way off base on a few things.

I should also reduce my vit c intake from 4000mg to 2000mg.

Why in God’s name would she tell you to do this? Any half-way knowledgeable naturopath should know that it takes at the very least 3000 mg of vitamin C a day to ‘saturate’ an average size adult which is the point where vitamin C is completely protecting the body. Did you ask her why?

The new probiotic containing nutrients from breast milk sounds like a great idea.

berries but not blueberries, cantaloupe melon, kiwis, pineapple and grapefruit.

That’s one hell of a lot of fructose. Oh well, the little critters that started all of your problems should be happy at least.

I need to do a temperature test myself every day for a week which tests for thyroid issues and this way is apparently much more reliable than a blood test.

That test was posted on the forum quite a while back; the reason I posted it is because it’s so accurate.

I honestly hope that she comes up with some better ideas in the future since you’re paying her good money, Jo.

Good luck on testing the new foods.