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I have to say that I expected the controversy of the fruit. I emailed her and asked why she recommended those fruits and she said that they are very low in fructose. But I see others that are lower, like apricots as suggested on the strict diet here so I dont understand that. She said that there are digestive enzymes in pineapple which would be beneficial for me but the reaction suggests die off and a further indication of leaky gut. Die off sounds right to me because it was the same headache that i experienced with the cleanse before the strict diet.

Re the Infantis probiotic. I ordered BioCare Infantis but this she says has little effect on adults and told me to order Darmocare Infantis from Bonusan instead to be taken with BioCare Bio Acidophilus Forte. BioCare Infantis contains the same probiotic strains as the BioCare Bio Acidophilous Forte, only in smaller amounts. Darmocare Infantis has different strains which are suitable for adults as well as babies.

This is the test she wants me to have She says that it doesnt test directly for leaky gut or immune function, but my nutrient status that it will show will indicate the reasons for my reactions and also give the best nutrients needed and their levels. Does that sound good?