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mrs.candida;42655 wrote: When I started taking high doses of vitamin C I started sleeping better and noticed less depression. About 5 months into my treatment I went to the dentist to have a small cavity filled (this had been needing to happen for about 6 months). The dentist took xrays, which I was really against, but good thing she did because the cavity was GONE! I’m not saying it was the vitamin C, but it surly didn’t hurt my teeth. I’d put my money on the low sugar diet.

Hello, Mrs. C, thank you for sharing your experience with vitamin C and hopefully removing some of the before-mentioned fear of this very useful vitamin that may have been instilled in some of the readers.

I’m really frustrated by my new food sensitivities. I honestly feel like there’s no way out of this diet once you’ve been on it for a year. I’m trying to eat more variety of foods for fear that I’ll become sensitive to more and more things.

Mrs. C, I’m assuming that all of your allergic reactions started after you contracted a Candida infestation and therefore are caused by your leaky gut problem. Is this correct? If this is the case, then you’re already aware that you can’t cure the leaky gut until the population of the fungal Candida have been reduced sufficiently. I’m just saying this to make it clear that the foods you’re eating (or not eating) are not the cause of your allergies because the base cause is still the Candida located in the intestines. Going off of the diet and adding more foods would only allow the potential of causing more allergies not to mention the potential of the foods you add causing the infestation to increase in numbers therefore making your Candida symptoms worse and therefore the leaky gut permeability to increase.

When the leaky gut syndrome syndrome is difficult to heal even after the Candida numbers have been reduced sufficiently, sometimes further measures are needed to bring the permeability of the intestines to full healing. In some of these cases, heavy metal toxicity, specifically mercury toxicity is one problem that may need to be addressed before complete healing can occur, therefore, this is the avenue I would pursue and focus on for the time being and not so much the allergies.

If you’ve not already done so, I would suggest reading Titan’s thread concerning the experience he had with his Progress on Mercury Medicine.