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hi Able,
I’ve seen chewing gum mentioned in multiple places but one article can be found at The article is well sourced and was in a law journal at Brigham Young University and won awards. I guess the legal aspect drew me as that’s my field and I was interested in what legal argument there was around this topic. Another interesting article mentions studies done by Wrigley (of chewing gum fame) that showed the increase in mercury vapors from chewing gum.

I also read the recent ADA conference material regarding mercury amalgams and it’s clear to me that they really don’t know the effects of these amalgams and are just hedging their bets in concluding: these are safe for most people, we think, maybe. I guess some might say there is no definitive proof that they are unsafe, but the research points strongly in that direction, given the FDA warnings for pregnant women. I feel immunodeficient people are also at risk, and I suspect that’s most of us with candida. I know one can find studies and articles that claim the opposite, just as one can find many studies saying candida doesn’t really exist (if only!). I’m a little afraid of the potential for harm in removing the fillings, but I plan to check out the Dentists thoroughly before choosing one. I am also continuing with the diet and protocol as closely as I can. I don’t think removing the fillings will be a quick fix, as I already have the infestation, but perhaps it can help me overcome it. Candida isn’t my only issue. I have an underlying parasite that probably caused my candida, and I know of someone with the same issues I have who claims she was cured after amalgam removal. This may help with cure of the parasite, which is really the more difficult issue I face.