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How many cavities do you have in your mouth with these types of fillings?

All I know is that it would cost over $1000 to remove my fillings and replace them with new ones. I also would have no idea what to get as a new material for fillings, because they all seem to contain metals. What is the best choice for materials…silver, gold? I have like 10 amalgam fillings or so…

I also have two fake teeth (crowns) at the front of my mouth and they costed over $2000 about 5 years ago to get replaced. If these do contain mercury, would it be best to get gold teeth? Would it be worth it for me to get two front gold teeth for like $3000? Imagine what that would look like…I would look like a rat!

I also would like to mention that certain materials are better than others for strength. Amalgam fillings last a very long time and are best used on the back teeth. If you used the composite fillings on those teeth instead, you may need to replace them every 2-3 years because they deteoriate quickly. If you have 12 fillings on the back teeth, thats like $1200 every few years…just mentioning this.