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Able and Jorge

This is a very helpful, very good discussion. The debate helps me to think it through and to hear other viewpoints and angles I may not have considered. I hope it helps others in the same way. Able, you are right, and I believe I already said that there is not enough scientific evidence to conclude that taking the amalgams out will definately cure someone, and there are risks to doing so. However, it’s pretty clear that mercury is harmful, and especially to those with weakened immune systems. Given the info (and I need to double check this) that the mercury leaches out of the fillings in the first two years, that may suggest a course of natural chelation (which I am already preparing to begin) first, to see if some of the mercury can be chelated from the body, rather than having the fillings removed. I think I need to keep on the diet completely without any missteps, and try natural/dietary chelation for a while. I’m pretty new to the diet, so there is still a chance I may be one of those people who can obtain results (as you said Jorge), by the diet and protocol alone. I have to say I doubt it, as I already know that I have an unusual immune deficiency, and have battled with a parasite for 7 years now.

If I do everything I can with the protocol and chelation without filling extraction, and I continue to be sick, after further research, I will move to have the amalgams removed. Although there are plenty of other sources of mercury in our environment, I will remove any and all I have control over to give myself the best chance of cure. I’ve already switched to natural products for hair skin and deodorant, not eating fish, so removing the amalagams will be the next step.

This is a tough issue, as one doens’t want to make things worse. At bottom, I think it should be done in very difficult, stubborn cases where all else has failed. I thikn the answer to your dilemma is that the reactions and illnesses of each individual are highly variable and dependent upon a variety of factors, genetic and environmental, and no 2 people are precisely the same in their illness and in what may work for them. I agree, taking a risk on an uncertain procedure should only be done when other avenues have failed…. And I think that’s kind of what Jorge is saying when he says he doesn’t want to see or read any more studies, he’s tried it all and he wants to try this based on many many testimonies of success. I haven’t tried it all yet, at least not like I’m supposed to, so I need to keep going on the diet and wait a bit for the results….but I don’t intend to wait long, it’sbeen almost 10 years already.

Able thanks for your good wishes and hopes for my recovery. That’s the reason we all share info here. Much of this isn’t supported by mainstream medicine, but most is supported by common sense and lots of factual support. Discussion and debate helps.