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Able, I received your email, thank you very much for sending it. Raster, I have 9 amalgam fillings. There are several alternatives as I understand it; composite resin, porcelain and several others. They range in cost, with porcelain costing the most and lasting the longest. Resin lasts about 8-12 years according to most of the info out there. Amalgam lasts far longer, but if there’s even a chance I can improve my health significantly, length of time they last isn’t a factor for me.

It is expensive for sure to replace them, but might be worth it. I think I want a test first to see if I have a problem with metals, and then discuss the options of chelating or chelating and amalgam removal. There are lots of other ways I’m trying to reduce exposure to metals and toxins, just to try and lighten the load on my immune system.

I doubt that the crowns contain mercury. They are usually made of porcelain, but I’m not positive if yours are.