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“I react to almost all foods and all supplements (high pulse, stomach pains, groggy, hot). For the last year I’ve only been able to eat Carrots, B Squash, Cod, Chicken, O Oil, Fresh herbs. How do I follow the diet when I react to everything?”

This is directly related to histamine levels and inflammation of the gut. What I did is I toughed out the reactions and they went away within a month or so as long as I healed the best way.

Basically you are in a very similar situation as I was a few years ago. What you need to do, is heal holistically (everything at once). A good naturopath can help you do this. You likely have thyroid problems too, because if your adrenals get drained, then your thyroid gets drained.

Your liver is what removes the histamines, so it likely is shut down.

What I would do:
-Anti-histamine treatment (homeopathics work for this)
-Anti-inflammatory treatment (tons of stuff)
-Heal thyroid and adrenals both at same time (things like iodine and drenamin)
-Heal liver with liver supplements (liver cleansing herbs)
-Start exercising (start walking around neighorhood even, exercise releases the histamine in body)
-Start eating more foods on candida diet and tough out reactions.

Your digestion should improve as you heal your liver and eat more food. Minerals can help digestion too.

Can you afford to spend a few hundred $’s per month on treatment?