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What I did is I toughed out the reactions. I used to have a herx reaction for about 2-3 hours where I had major anxiety, burning skin, heart palpitations, etc. after eating something that I was allergic to. Within a few weeks it went away and I was no longer allergic. After 6 months I could eat just about anything without a reaction.

Flax oil is a great supplement to use to help reduce reactions and its also anti-inflammatory.

A professional can help you create a plan to get better and this is what I suggest. Fighting candida is not something worth messing around with and you have to have a good solid plan to get better. This isn’t something you do in a half ass way at all.

An allergist could maybe help and they would give you allergy shots or prescribe drugs perhaps. A nutritionist could maybe help you create a meal plan. A naturopath would give you homeopathics and nutritional supplements that will get you better fast. A doctor can prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs, histamine drugs, antifungal drugs, etc.