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Yes, I have a rash too right now.

Before, my skin broke out into these crazy blistered bumps that were horrible and scabbed over and I was in absolute torture!! That’s what made me go to the Dr.’s and they gave me Prednizone(?). It helped take the rash away, but it just came back after I was off the medication. I asked for another refill! Aiyiyi, that wasn’t a good idea.

Anyways, my skin is what led me to this site (really God did). It’s been getting a little better, but still itches.

When I found this site, I did “their” diet (pure torture) for the first five days. Finally I couldn’t take it and thought I’d try Rice Milk, with Brown Rice Cereal. I ate it for breakfast twice. The next day my chest and neck broke out CRAZY!!! SUPER ITCHY!! My lower back, my legs, hips, too. Ah…so back to veggies!!

If you’re not doing the diet listed in this forum, I would totally give it a try and be super strict. I think it’s helping. My chest breakout and neck is finally starting to clear after like 3 weeks!!! It’s still there, just not as bright and bad.

I am so very sorry! I will be keeping you in my prayers!

When I went to the Dr.’s I just cried! I told them I was dying and I MUST HAVE AN ANSWER! I told him that like 3 times in a row just so he would know I was really serious!! I couldn’t sleep or anything for weeks! Just tortured!! Ah…….hang in there!! Ah…I just feel so bad for you!!!

I have been putting on Coconut oil too. I think that helps!

Oh yeah, I’ve been taking a hot bath with 2 cups Epsom salt, and 1 cup Baking Soda, 10-15 min. a day. Maybe it helps? I feel better, but can’t say it will take your itching away, cause I’m still itching too, just not as bad anymore. I think it’s more food related.

Oh one more thing! The Molybdenum stuff!! Are you taking that? I REALLY think that is helping me a lot!!! Almost forgot about that! Hope you’re taking that stuff!

Anyways, you are in my thoughts and prayers!