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I have a scaly rash that almost looks like a burn with a ton of dandruff. The surface of the skin had a smoother feel to it. It affected the sides of my hair, and various places on the top of my head. It almost completely went away with the diet and then it flaired up and got worse. I am taking zypan, zymex II, and some homeopathics to kill the parasites and heal my skin.

If you do have parasites, the only way to get over it is to kill them within the body and then the outside of the body will be healed. I’ve had it for about 10 years and it has been better and worse. I’ve taken many shampoos for it (selson blue, some vitamin shoppe anti-dandruff shampoo, tea tree oil shampoo, antifungals, etc) and nothing worked better than the stuff I am taking now.

Here is a picture of what ringworm looks like:

and there are many more pictures of course. Ringworm can occur in other places on the body.