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d510g1c wrote: ive got this rash on both my obliques and every summer it gets worse if i get a tan. its slightly itchy and the skin is very dry and almost patchy around it. ive been putting bentonite clay on it twice a week. it seems to be slowly going away, but have had it for about five years now and just cannot get it to go away. have had three or four doctors look at it i’d like to have a dermatoligist look at it but here is what i always get from them “it almost looks like it could be psoriasis but i have no idea what that is” every single one has said that.

Have you tried rubbing coconut oil on it? That may help!

Greebles, you poor thing! I had a rash like that when i was pregnant, fortunately it went away after the birth.

try an oatmeal bath, Aveeno, or an extreme thing to try is (it works!) put on cotton pjs, and hop into a hot bath (yep with your PJs on) and stay in there until the water gets cool. Pull out the plug, and stay in empty bath, with your wet PJs on, until you start to shiver. Then, hop out, remove wet pjs, dry yourself and put dry COTTON pjs on and go to bed. Sounds very very bizarre but I promise you I’m not joking!! It does something to help the circulation which helps the rash/itch. I hope you start feeling relief soon!!!