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Dvjorge got it right 🙂

The rashes/itching is due to c. albicans. My skin docter (in lack of a better name right now) says it comes with the overgrowth.

The best thing is to avoid foods that sparks it. I use non-organinc, hot pressed cocounut oil instead of organic. It has no real flavour of cocounut any longer and give no rashes contra the organic.

The antifungal effect is the same, for my part (may vary for you).

Other things that are “allowed” on the strict diet that gives rashes are:

– Applecider vinegar
– Lemon and lime
– All diary products (greek yoghurt etc.)
– not enough fermented Kefir
– onions and garlic in a mild degree.

Treatment can be topical only(!!) with hydro-cortison, this really helps a lot. He gave me an azol (antifungal) for topical treatment, but it has no effect. Will ask him more about this and share this on the forum. He is a real MD, and a very recognised one too 🙂

Edit: This is my own experience, I don’t know the fully effect/sideeffect vs. c. albicans on taking a steroid topical on the skin over time regarding this.