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My itching in general is usually caused from fructose/lactose malabsorption(which becomes improperly digested sugars for candida). Sometimes the itching is a result of a food/yeast sensitivity.

Diluted coconut oil/lavender oil might help. Lavender oil might be less harsh than tea tree oil.


My doctor tried to prescribe me steriod ear drops for my ear flaking/wax buildup. I don’t think I like the idea of any steriod being in my ear. I can’t see it being very effective for preventing ear wax/flaking buildup(in my case). Think the only way to prevent the ear wax/flaking is to prevent the candida toxins(acetaldehyde etc..) being released in the ear.

I could see maybe the steriod drops helping with someone who has inner ear inflammation/itching. The inner ear inflammation might be causing the glands to be more active creating more flaking/wax? My inner ears don’t itch/not inflammed =don’t want to bother with the steriod drops.

Whats interesting is that as soon as the ringing in the ears started so did the ear wax build up. The very first day my ears started to ring was right after I had some green tea with honey( fructose/caffeine). I strongly believe its related to acetaldehyde production.