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sunshine33 wrote: Why no red meat? I haven’t had any since starting the diet, but didn’t realize it was off-limits …

Hello, Sunshine.

Red meat isn’t an off-limits food item on all Candida diets, but it should be.

Just as wheat products do, red meat can literally clog the intestinal tract, once this ‘clog’ takes place, then the perfect environment for Candida begins to build. The ‘clogging’ of course creates constipation which is already a common symptom of Candida.

Red meat can also be toxic to the body;

One way is, meat stays in the intestines for usually 15 to 16 hours before it’s completely broken down; staying in the intestines for that length of time causes purification of the meat which in turn leads to toxic waste in the body. Then the liver has to go to work detoxifying this waste from the body.

It gets worse; very few Candida sufferers can get through the dreaded disease without having some type of liver problems or liver pain at the very least. The reason for this is that the liver is constantly working with a literal overload of toxic gases released by the Candida, both dead and alive. Then you add red meat to the mixture, and you have additional ammonia gases which are produced by the breakdown of animal protein (red meat), this can only result in more work for the liver, which as I’ve stated, is already reaching its limit as far as attempting to detox the body of all the toxins being released by the Candida infestation. All in all, red meat is trouble for most people with or without Candida, but when this infestation has taken over the body, red meat is just one more reason that the treatment can take longer to work.

In addition to all of this, many Candida sufferers receive Candida reactions to red meat. Scientists may be uncertain as to why this is, but what they do know that it can’t be beneficial to the treatment.