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Lucylu wrote: Hi thomas,

I know it can be epensive to visit the sauna – luckily we are joined at a logal hotel that allows us access. for me the problem is finding the time without the children! But last night late I had a very hot bath and that helped almost as much.

Yes, i agree, this diet is truly brilliant at clearing the system and avoiding all these awful symptoms. I’m so glad you’re feeling so much better… you’re bound to have a few stumbles or “off” days but on the whole the improvement is great.

I just wish I’d discovered this years ago!


Hi Lucy,
thank you, I am happy too about the diet. But better late than never. I am happy about the knowleadge Able and raster are sharing here. I learned a hell of a lot here in the last 10 days.

Have a great and healty day!