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jamesb;36481 wrote: Is vit c an antifungal, I have started taking a capsule containing 1000mg and I seem to get cold feet from it, I know that cold hands and feet can be a die off symptom.

Effects of ascorbic acid on the antifungal action of amphotericin B.
Brajtburg J, Elberg S, Kobayashi GS, Medoff G.
Division of Infectious Diseases, Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, MO 63110.
Ascorbic acid enhanced the lethal but not the permeabilizing effects of amphotericin B on Candida albicans and Cryptococcus neoformans cells. Two other ene-diol acids, D-erythorbate and dihydroxyfumarate, also enhanced the lethal action of amphotericin B on Can. albicans. Maleic acid and gulanolactone, compounds structurally related to ascorbic acid but not containing the ene-diol group, had no such effect. It is assumed that ascorbic acid and the two other ene-diol acids acting as pro-oxidants augmented the oxidation-dependent killing of fungal cells induced by amphotericin B.

However, adding vitamin c to a fluconazole regime, reduces its antifungal activity.