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Javizy wrote:

I have to be honest the whole oestrogen confuses me completely.

It’s basically just a hormone that you want to keep low, because it has a lot of negative side-effects in both men and women. If you know any girls who’ve tried coming off the pill, you might have some idea. Lowered testosterone, hair loss, man boobs and prostate cancer are some oestrogen side-effects men can look forward to. It also stimulates yeast to reproduce.

I just posted a link to a post about the daddy of phytoestrogens, soy They may be plant sterols, but they have measurable effects on us. You don’t have to avoid them completely, just do your best to keep them low. In the case of legumes, soaking and cooking them thoroughly can remove a good amount of them.

As far as phytoestrogens are concerned, you’d do well to avoid plastics as well. They disrupt the endocrine system for the worse.