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Katy, I’m sorry, I don’t know anything about the pharmaceutical you’re taking :/

Ducktorwho, lol. Weeeeeeell. My fats are pretty much through the roof, lol. This is definitely a first for me – I’ve been having **trouble gaining weight** with this pregnancy! Which is just totally hilarious to me, considering that I’ve always had trouble not gaining TOO much with my other children! Anyway, so I do try to focus on beneficial fats like evoo, avocado, ev coconut oil. Almonds, sunflower sees, and raw pumpkin seeds, too. I’m eating two celery sticks loaded with almond butter right now 🙂 I only have beef about once a week – if that. My other proteins are lean for the most part. Salmon about 2x a week being a “good fat” exception. I keep my eggs to 2-3 a day at the most and try to have around 3 no egg days a week (I don’t want to wind up allergic to eggs!). I also had to make sure I was getting more grains than I had been eating. It’s a balancing act for me – trying to get rid of the yeast but also trying to eat for a growing baby. I take some liberties other wouldn’t (beans, organic kefir) but leave out some things others eat liberally (coconut butter, coconut flour for the most part, etc.) I think I’m getting a pretty decent sense of what’s going on in my body, but I’m still learning to stop and pay attention, too.

I only use stevia as a sweetener, but it’s been implicated in some research to be connected to fertility/infertility, so I’m mostly trying to retrain my taste buds to not eat sweet foods. Breakfast was the hardest transition for me in that regard, but I’m making progress. I have stevia probably in 5 things per week (rice pudding, zucchini bread, occasional carob balls, etc.)

Does this help? Everyone is so different, but I *do* think it’s rare for a person to be completely ready to go with Stage 2 in just 3 weeks.