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Cool golfer, thanks for explaining. It sounds like you are going in a direction that most of us have not gone; experimenting and researching uncommon supplements. There are dozens of things that have health properties and we do not know of all of them.

I would still consider removing the psyllium though and reduce antifungals.

When your vitamins A and D are gone, I would get fermented cod liver oil. Its quite expensive and much more than regular cod liver oil. I wouldn’t get any now since you are taking vitamins A and D. Its a great anti-inflammatory.

If you have leaky gut, we have a bigger list of stuff to take or choose from.

I’m taking a totally different variety and regimen of vitamins, but do have a few from your list. Everyone’s different in how they choose to heal and we all are doing different individual protocals. I highly recommend checking out thorne, integrative thereaputics, and standard process for other ideas; these product lines I feel can heal just about anyone and anything.