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1533jd;31624 wrote: I have recently started taking 2x 150mg of Molybdenum twice a day and 6 pills of Now foods Spirulina a day. My homeopath said Spirulina can actually be bad for you in some cases. Is this true? Although I suspect the biggest culprit might be the Molybdenum, as from reading around it seems some people just don’t agree with it. So im considering stopping them for the time being to monitor the difference.

I have also been told by my brother who is very well educated in supplementing for nutrition and general health that my brain fog must be a symptom of clinical depression rather than the other way round if anything.

Has anyone else experienced problems with spirulina or molybdenum?

Would you agree with my brother or I and why?

You say you’ve been diagnosed with a Candida overgrowth and leaky gut. If this is true your brother is entirely wrong about the cause of your brain fog.

Spirulina is a strong antifungal which can cause dreadful die-off toxins to accumulate in the body, and this along with the normal toxins from living Candida is the cause of your brain fogginess. Be sure that you have “Molybdenum Amino Acid Chelate” and not just plain molybdenum. You can take up to 750 to 1000 mcg a day to combat the toxins causing havoc in your body. Drink a lot of water and take saunas or soak in a hot tub of water at least once or twice a day to help remove the toxins.

I also feel that your brother is wrong about everyone having leaky gut syndrome from time to time. I have had a Candida infestation in the past, yet I have never suffered from leaky gut syndrome

Did your doctor explain in precisely which cases spirulina can be bad for a person? Unless he is speaking of the die-off toxins from the Candida, I’m afraid I do not know what he means.