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I have stopped taking spirulina. Irratability has pretty much gone apart from the constant die off symptoms. My doctor did not explain precisely why, Im quite surprised he didn’t link the irratability to it though. I have stopped taking the molybdenum aswell as I thought It was contributing to the die off symptoms, yet its role is to relieve symptoms right? So perhaps ill start it again tomorrow and gradually increase to 900mg to help alleviate this horrible brain fog.

I started with 450mg a day of Molybdenum Amino Acid Chelate and gradually increased to 750mg for the past week and a half and haven’t noticed any improvements, but presumably who would when the spirulina was having such a detrimental effect.

I also am now taking 3 big spoons of linseed oil a day freshly produced from a farm near me, made only 2 weeks ago as said on the bottle!
That seems to slightly improve my cognitive ability when the die off isn’t so hard.

I ate 4 slices of gluten free genius bread yesterday which contains 0.7mg of sugar per slice (nothing) but psysillium husks and yeast extract and so woke up this morning feeling especially horrible, so gone a few steps back unfortunately.

What does it mean if I keep waking up with a horrible die off feeling, extreme dry throat and irratability in the morning which doesnt seem to improve till at least 2-3pm? The brain fog is still very chronic. Surely this must mean my liver is under a lot of stress?

If I havent noticed any noticeable improvement over the past 2 months..surely I must still be eating things which are not agreeing with me, which inevitably must be stopping progress?

Im pretty intune with my body and know when something doesn’t agree with me so I’m slightly perplexed where to go from here..

Merry Christmas,