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I feel like I have the flu today (dizzy, pain in my ears, muscle ache, chills and very difficult sleeping last night).

Definitely die-off toxins at work. Remember that you can take saunas or even soaking in a hot tub of water several times a day will help greatly in removing the toxins.

I will not start with anti-fungals before having Molybdenum for 3-4 days. (Although I’m having garlic and vitamin C now, I guess they are anti-fungals).

Continue the vitamin C at high doses as it will help to remove some of the toxins; you should stop taking garlic.

Should I quit cleansing and wait for the Molybdenum?

Since it may take up to 4 days before receiving the Molybdenum, I would go off of the cleanse and start the diet. Four days can work for the cleanse so it isn’t necessary to continue with it since it’s possible for a cleanse to do more harm than good in many situations.

About possible constipation I will try as many of your tips as possible, thank you so much for the link. I haven’t had any bentonite clay and I doubt it’s available in my country anyway. I would have liked to take a soluble fiber supplement, but unfortunately I have done that in the past and very unlucky ended up in the hospital with intestinal obstruction (a potentially fatal side effect). For all I know I am susceptible to get that, so I just need to avoid soluble fiber supplements, trying would give me lots of anxiety (I don’t need more right now). Squash and avocados are soluble fiber foods that have helped me before, maybe I could have some avocado even though they’re not really allowed during cleanse?

Definitely avoid the soluble fiber supplements in your situation. If you’re sure that squash will help, by all means eat some squash and as many avocados as you need; or, you might just try the avocados first if you think they will work alone.