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I have been cleansing for 4 days. Today I feel like I need a stronger pair of eyeglasses, my vision is a bit blurred, sort of. Is this because of die-off

Yes, blurry vision can be a symptom of die-off.

Also, my tinnitus has become worse. Die-off?

Also possible.

I have irritable bowel syndrome and normal for me is having diarrhea. But now things move a little slower (toilet 1-2 times a day). Is this enough or am I supposed to have diarrhea while on cleanse?

You should probably read the Constipation Remedies post. Whatever you do, you need to keep the toxins moving out of your body, otherwise, you’ll only have the symptoms to worsen. Also, since constipation is a possibility, stop using the bentonite clay.

Are you taking the supplements recommended on the forum for die-off symptoms?