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raster wrote: The only way to know for certain whether you have candida overgrowth is via expensive tests or trying out the diet. If you experience “die off” symptoms then you likely have candida overgrowth. Plan on going on a strict diet without brown rice and rye bread, etc. so you can actually kill the candida.

I don’t think this is a great way to tell, Raster. Almost everyone gets low-carb “flu” even if they’re otherwise healthy. Ask anyone who’s ever gone on Atkins how they felt at first. Some people are literally laid up in bed for a week. Constipation and euthyroid sick syndrome, which mimics all the general malaise symptoms attributed to candida, are common side-effects as well. Are cold feet and fatigue die-off or plummeting T3 levels?

Yeast infections or yeast in the stool are probably the only sure indicators. Stool testing may be helpful, but the cost is probably hard to justify given the lack of accuracy. zenn doesn’t currently suffer from bloating or constipation, which seems to be rare for a candida overgrowth. It might be a good sign that nothing is particularly dominant in a bad way.

If vegetables cause upset, the problem might be bacterial. Maybe a focus on good nutrition, some sort of antimicrobial like GSE and some heavy doses of probiotics could get fast results here? I think managing stress is probably the priority, and if it isn’t possible, I’d look into physical causes that promote stress (hormone imbalances, nutritional deficiencies, poor circadian rhythm etc). “Destressing” can be more like prevention-too-late than a cure in the chronically stressed.

My advice to zenn would be not to jump into anything. Bacteria, parasites and yeast all behave differently, and the problem could even be totally unrelated to microbes. If stress and poor diet did cause the problem, start by fixing those first. Try cutting out the soy and gluten, limiting (not necessarily removing) plant fats (nuts, seeds, oatmeal) and adding in some nutritionally dense foods. If there’s no actual reason to restrict lactose, I’d look at starting kefir. Restricting carbs may help, but don’t go too low to begin with (~100g/day is a “safe” middle-ground). Then you can experiment with ketosis (may benefit bacterial infections) or antifungals and try to see how you react.