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Thanks for the quick response!!

No I don’t have other symptons, when I was under stress and eating badly (before my condition) I got a bit constipated, but as soon as I started to eat more balanced again it went away.

My diet now is completely different, I have been eating like this recently:

Oatmeal (water instead of milk) with sunflower seeds and almonds, rye bread with lactose free cheese (my doctor told me to keep off lactose for a while), eggs, brown rice or brown pasta with vegetables (pepper, spinach), soya youghurt (plain). Cashew nuts, ginger tea and fennel tea.

I think that is average food I eat now, have stopped eating a lot of things of fear of what it might do to my body. I went on a holiday two weeks ago for a week, and during those days I was only eating white bread (the fear!) but one night I had pasta with pesto and vegetables and had really rumbly stomach all night and lots of diarrhea…

I am taking multivitamins daily (have done so for many years), and I am taking Probiotic with 10 billion (doctor’s recommendation) and I am also eating a spoonful of Golden Linseed everyday (Doctor’s recommendation)