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Able900 wrote:

If I were you, I won’t take magnesium supplements, neither B complex.
Magnesium is vital for the yeast morphogenesis to fungus

In a previous post you talked about heavy metals being one reason that people can’t cure their Candida infestation. Those with a magnesium deficiency are predisposed to heavy metal toxicity; did you take this into account when you wrote the above?

For those who are unaware, cadmium is a heavy metal known to cause testicular tumors. When large doses of magnesium were injected into a group of test animals who had also been injected with high levels of cadmium, testicular tumors were prevented from growing in all cases. Magnesium was also effective at preventing tumors which would normally form at the site of nickel injections.

In fact, in research, magnesium is shown to have a wide variety of beneficial effects against heavy metal carcinogenesis risk factors in animals and humans. Instead of advising Candida sufferers to avoid it, the suggestion should be to avoid a deficiency of magnesium at all costs.

I’ve read the study you’re speaking of in a FEMS Microbiology Letters journal. What you failed to mention is that, in this research, the metamorphism didn’t occur when the magnesium was used with calcium – which is what we advocate here.


If you have an active intestinal fungal overgrowth, magnesium isn’t adviced. It is an intelligent decision to avoid it until the infection be under control. Some people have reported slow progress when taking magnesium.. No matter if you take it with calcium or not, yeast use magnesium during its transition to germ tube. This is supported by the medical literature.
It is correct candida sufferers are low in magnesium and Vitamin B, but those supplements shouldn’t be taken until the infestation be totally controlled.