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Thanks for your advice!

I will purchase a better quality/quantity probiotic and use it in place of the several I am using now. I’m sure I won’t be spending anymore money than I was on Threelac! With all the options out there, it is nice to know which ones are most helpful.

The brand of vitamin B I am using is Spring Valley (High Potency B-Complex). It has:
B1 50mg
B2 12.5mg
B3 50mg
B6 12.5%
Folate (folic acid) 50mg
B12 12.5mg
Biotin 25mcg
Pantothenic acid 50mg
Calcium 118mg

The ingredient dextrose is sugar correct? That’s what I was concerned about.

Also decided to purchase molybdenum after reading up on it some. I’m looking forward to some of its benefits, especially brain fog!


Thank you for your advice!

Once I run out of some of the antifungals I am currently using, I will give your suggested antifungal a try.

Looking forward to trying the coconut bread. That will make it a lot easier to reduce nuts, especially pecans.

Also starting to alternate between quinoa, buckwheat (and soon brown/red rice). It is very nice to have some more options again. I felt like I was getting into a rut by eating the same foods everyday. That made it especially frustrating when I felt like I wasn’t making progress anymore but hadn’t changed anything in my diet/supplements.

One last question for anyone:

Is it more important to keep number of carbs consumed daily to below a certain number… or is it more important the type of carb consumed (such as the quinoa and buckwheat suggested)…or both?
Thanks again for your advice. I often felt like I was going in circles trying to figure out what I should do and what I should take. There are so many websites out there…often with contradicting information. This forum is amazing and helpful because getting advice from people who have RECOVERED from Candida but who are not trying to sell their own products.