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Raster is right about your stomach acid. If it is too low, a lot of pathogen stuff can enter your digestive system. But your stomach acid has not so much to do with the acidity of your body.
It depends on the “environment”. Blood ph levels and ph levels in the stomach, intestine and colon are at different levels. In general, your body must be alkaline to function well. If not, you deprive your body from essential minerals (like calcium, magnesium, …). Things that make your body alkaline are raw vegetables and fruits (especially citrus fruits, like lemons, which are actually sour). Things that make your body acidic are things like red meat, coffee, alcohol, … (the reason why you can’t eat these).
BUT Your intestines have to be acidic. Your stomach has to be very acidic, otherwise all sorts of pathogens can enter your system. Candida likes an alkaline environment. Hence, the probiotics and the acidic antifungals.
Making your body alkaline, just helps your general health, but it will not cure the candida.

Quote from Able:

Able900;32824 wrote: ”Some of you have discussed the pH balance of your body and its effect on your infestation.
The pH balance of the rest of your body takes care of itself unless you do something drastic in an attempt to change it so I’m not concerned with that. But I want you to cure your infestation as much as you do, and in order to do this, you’ll have to do what is necessary to allow your intestines to develop an acidic pH environment. The reason this is necessary is because an alkaline environment in your intestines will turn the Candida growth gene on and therefore convert the benign Candida into an aggressive, pathogenic fungal form that we know as Candida albicans. This is why you have your infestation, and until you reverse the situation, you’ll have to continue to deal with the infestation. Yes, it really is that simple.

In order to change the environment of your intestines from alkaline to acidic, you’ll have to rebuild the population of the flora in your intestines; there’s simply no other way to come to a complete cure without this taking place. If you wonder how this is accomplished, consider that the bacteria are referred to as “lactic acid bacteria.” But this change won’t happen overnight, especially if you continue to feed the Candida the food sources on which they can continue to exist, because this will only increase their population, and the increasing population of the fungus will continue to take over the intestines, becoming more and more alkalized and prevent the beneficial flora from growing and thriving.

This is the reason that we recommend kefir, Greek yogurt, and high doses of quality probiotics during the treatment, and it’s also the reason we have a specific diet to follow.”