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Quote: I am a little afraid off milk products. Maybe I try them out later when I am more stable.

Reply: The sugar in the kefir can’t harm you as it’s fermented, and the longer the kefir is fermented, the less sugar remains behind.

Quote: If the probiotic here is too weak, is it possible to eat more of them?

Reply: If the probiotic is 2 billion, then you would need to start with 15 capsules a day to get enough. But if the probiotic is too weak, then it probably doesn’t contain enough strains to do any good either. How many different strains does it contain?

Quote: I wondered too how they get pass the stomach acids and survive before they enter my guts to live happily ever after there!

Reply: The acids can’t damage the beneficial bacteria; in fact, once they are in your system they will produce their own acids. These acids are dangerous to the Candida albicans but not to the bacteria. This is how the environment of the intestines is changed to become inhospitable to the Candida.

Quote: It looks to me a long and dangerous road for the good bacteria to travel?

Reply: Not as long as you are not eating sugar or carbohydrates, which the bacteria cannot live on. They eat and thrive on the fibers from green vegetables.

Quote: Do you think I should already in Stage 1 with my diet start with the kefir? We have a goat farmer in the neighborhood. I wonder if one can produce kefir from goats milk, its maybe safer for me?

Reply: Goat’s milk is perfect for kefir. You can start on kefir at any time after the cleanse is completed.