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raster wrote: It sounds like it doesn’t contain any bad ingredients! You may want to consider more vitamins. The top ones include molybdenum and undecenoic acid (SF722). You should start the molybdenum 1-2 weeks into the diet.

Also, probiotics are very important for your recovery; start them about 2 weeks into the diet. You should get one that has as many strains as possible, with a high billion count (start at 20-30 billion count at first). After having the probiotic once a day for a week, increase to twice a day a week later, and then 3 times a day a week after. Then move up to the 50 billion one thereafter; slowly increase this gradually, and move up to the 80 billion count.

Check out this post for vitamin suggestions:

Vitamin D3 is very important for those of you living up north!


Hi Raster,

thank you! I am working for to get the molybdenum but have a hard time. They dont know it here and the shop here is doing a check if they can get it for me. I could order this probiotic the real good one you have on your list, I cant get here in Sweden and the customs are very strict here. They have only 2 Billion. Is it a waste of money to buy them? Otherwise they are clean.