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alexalgebra;32374 wrote: I have a few foods I’m curious about.

The main reason that a lot of “iffy” foods are not on the strict diet has to do with other members as well as myself experiencing Candida symptoms from eating the foods during our own treatment. I’m speaking of “Candida symptoms” and not die-off and not allergic reactions, but Candida symptoms which can only mean that the Candida was able to benefit from the food in some way. In the list of your foods below, I’ll use “Reason No. 1” if this is the reason that I do not advocate the food. This doesn’t mean that you simply ‘cannot eat it” but it means exactly what I described, that others have received Candida reactions from the food and therefore I cannot say that it is safe for the treatment.

– chickpea miso (since it’s fermented, does that make it any better?)
Reply: I would treat miso as a test food. It’s really going to depend on how well the miso is fermented.

– pumpkin (lots of vitamin a!)
Reply: Reason no. 1 (there are safer ways of obtaining vitamin A)

– pumpkin seeds, if they are soaked/sprouted/dehydrated (anti-parasitic and also delicious)
Reply: Again, treat these as a test food only if they have been treated as you described. Even so, they can still present problems.

– sunflower seeds, soaked/sprouted/dehydrated
Reply: Simply testing may not result in reactions soon enough. Raster may ring in on this one. I’m pretty sure he blames sunflower seeds as being one of the foods which set him back on his own treatment.

– millet (is on some diets, but not on the strict one abel emailed me)
Reply: Reason no.1

– cultured butter
Reply: Interesting. This would probably be about the same as yogurt. Definitely worth a test.

– alcohol-free vanilla (it’s in vegetable glycerin)
Reply: Sounds fine. Where did you find that?

I believe the imitation wasabi is made from horseradish, mustard powder, cornstarch, and probably some other ingredients. And I’m sure you’re right about the wasabi root.