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raster;32205 wrote: If wasabi is hot and spicy, hot and spicy foods should be avoided at all costs on the diet.

11j11;32357 wrote: I did not know this. Where is this/did I miss this info?

That statement seems to be more in the line of an opinion I believe; jalapeno peppers (for example) contain capsaicin which is a powerful antifungal. They also help to clear the lungs of congestion.

And of course there are spicy herbs which are acceptable for the diet. Cilantro (the leaves of the Coriander plant) is considered a spicy herb and it’s on the strict diet. The same goes for cumin and other spices/herbs.

“Real” wasabi paste (ground wasabi leaves) contains antifungal properties and is anti-inflammatory, but keep in mind that it also contains antibacterial properties, but then so does garlic.