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Paucp Jose – in addition to the other comments about way too much animal protein…. can i also ask if this chicken is organic chicken? If not, you could be introducing an awful lot of antibiotics & other nasty chemicals into your body just by eating all this non organic meat. Also is the egg organic? Same reasons.

You need to find other ways to fill yourself up… loads of different types of vegetables (raw, steamed, roasted, baked). Make some coconut bread and have it with 3 organic eggs for breakfast for a good filling protein start to the day. (The protocol may say you should wait for the coconut bread but my thinking would be its far better than all that chicken and you’re not on the cleanse anyway right? If you were you would just be eating raw/steamed veg + eggs).

Also eat every 3 or 4 hours, maybe more often so you don’t allow yourself to get really hungry. Have 3 or 4 different elements to each meal to give yourself variety and feel like you’re having proper meals (which you are!). Keep some hot water and lemon with you all the time and sip at that to keep your belly feeling fuller and the sharp taste should also take the edge of your cravings.

You WILL be hungry and have cravings for a few weeks but please know that you fight through this your symptoms will ease and you will start to feel better that you have done in years!

Hope that helps?