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I’m sorry, but do you realize that you’ve posted (I’m guessing) over 50 ingredients that you’re asking one of us to research? Again, I’m sorry, but speaking for myself, I think you should ask the dietician, whom I imagine you’re paying well for the advice, to research each of these and summit a written report to you. After all, this is what you’re asking us to do, even though the dietician is the one who is prescribing them and not us.

Whether you’re aware of it or not, you have the right to know precisely what the dietician is telling you to put into your body, and it’s his/her responsibility to make it clear to you that every item prescribed is completely safe for your situation.

However, I can say that, as I quickly scanned over your list, three items stood out immediately: Oregon grape (root) powder, psyllium (husk) powder, and brown rice. Oregon grape root creates a type of sugar that will feed the Candida. The psyllium husk powder contains tiny shards of the husk which can damage the intestines and has been known to cause internal bleeding. Rice is a starch, and it doesn’t matter if it’s white or brown; and all starches feed the Candida allowing them to continue growing and surviving in your intestines.

Mention all of this to your dietician if you like, but I’d be very surprised if he/she doesn’t deny even the possibility of such a thing.
If the dietician completely dismisses what I’ve told you, it’ll be because he/she has no idea of the possible side-effects of each item on the list nor the connection between the various herbs, foods, etc. and the survival of Candida albicans.

Please note that I am not claiming that the protocol the dietician has given you will not help to lessen the effects of your infestation, but what I am saying is there are potential as well as definite side-effects with some of the items which could be detrimental to your treatment.

Good luck to you.