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raster;49391 wrote: You have mentioned many of the concerns you should have with molybdenum. I want to stress that it should only be taken short term during the die-off stage. It is a chelating agent and this removes the beneficial minerals in the body.


Yes, but sometimes die off symptoms do take some time to go away . I’m thinking a supplement like Spirulina or Kelp (I’m planning to take both) should be somewhat beneficial in replenishing some of the lost minerals.

What about Now Food’s NAC supplement?

It also contains some Molybdenum (and Selenium) (If one is to take it twice daily as recommended, molybdenum intake is at 100 mcg/daily ) so I guess it should be avoided long-term as well?

Good shout on Pantethine and blood clotting, will keep in mind. Thanks. I think that’s the only possible side effect of it.