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raster wrote: Hello weyn,

I think the likelihood of what is happening is that your are killing something in the body (candida or parasites) that are releasing toxins which are then detoxed via the skin. This is why it has gotten worse. In the long term, it should completely heal, but you might have some flare ups as the flora in your gut rebalances itself.

Vitamin C is very good for the skin and highly recommend it! Acupuncture can reset the body and bring balance.

Also a mineral spring bath can completely heal your skin woes because of the sulfur.

Dr. Mcoomb’s stated that anyone with skin problems needs more HCL because your body isn’t producing enough…I would try this out as well.


Hey raster,

Well I was thinking the same, but since the rashes look just like they did before I got on this diet, I’ve gotten a bit confused. I just don’t know. And since I never got a diagnose other than from myself, I’m not sure.

I recently started taking vitamin c so I hope it helps.

So what is HCL?