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Able900 wrote:

So I started the died a bit more than three months ago.
Some things got much better (heartburn, backacne). And for a while, the skin rashes I had (dry itchy dark red/almost brown patches) got better. They didn’t go completely and I thought that probably my skin just needed time to heal. But now since a couple of weeks back, they’re back, and it seems like they’re actually spreading. It started with 4 of them, and now I have at least 15. I’ve been following the diet (the one from Able-not the website) very strictly, but for some reason these rashes have not gotten better. Any idea what this could be and what to do to get better? Is candida really my problem?

Post all of the supplements you’re taking as well as the amounts, please.


I’m taking 500 Vitamin C
200 mg Milk thistle
UAS Laboratories Probioplus DDS according to the instructions on the bottle (2 capsules/day) It says 10 billion CFU/g. Not sure about the numbers..
Antifungals: I’m switching between coconut oil and oregano leaf oil.
I’m also having a lot of kefir and eating lots of garlic..