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Able900 has said that Molybdenum is for the die-off symptoms, rather than killing the yeast (anti-fungals do that). What it does is eliminate the toxins from your body quicker, reducing not only die-off symptoms, but the damage it does to your liver.

I quoted the experts for the die-off and molybdenum, but I can answer about constipation from my own experience. I suffered from constipation for years, and now have very loose stools, thanks to the Candida diet. We have eliminate all dairy except kefir and greek yogurt from our diet. We have eliminated sugar, and added in lots more veggies than (I, at least) EVER ate in on a daily basis before I started treating yeast. What is really making a huge difference, however, is xylitol. It’s one of two sweeteners (xylitol and stevia) we are allowed to eat, because they are the ONLY ones that don’t feed the yeast. Xylitol can cause diarhea symptoms, especially if you overdo it, but that is GOOD news for you and me! 😉

You will want to keep drinking a lot of water, even if you pee a lot, because it keeps you hydrated, loosens your stools, helps flush the toxins and dead yeast cells out of your body quicker.

Good luck!