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Thanks Raster. It’s good to hear I’m not alone on those symptoms.

It’s hard somedays to get enough. I get around 1200 calories a day normally. Yesterday was a weak day for me because I was unusually nauseous . But I guess I do need to get better at eating more. I don’t seem to have much of an appetite for some reason. I have a juicer here and I do keep a lot of raw veggies. I have two heads of cabbage here I bought yesterday that I’ve been wanting to juice since I get them. Today I ate a big salad. In between meals sometimes I’ll eat some nuts or some of those grape sized tomatoes. They make good snacks. I also generally eat a lot of cucumbers. Celery and almond butter are also on my roster of things I eat. I do have to admit the amount of calories I get is much lower. After workout I’m netting less than 1200 calories. Maybe 900 or 1000. So, nutrient level could be a problem. I also wondered if it was sugar withdrawal but I quit sugar over two weeks ago. I barely eat any brown rice, quinoa or other low GI grains. I have a couple times but I’d rather just not risk feeding the beast with things that turn in to sugar too quickly.

The whole reason I found out about this is because of the Gastro symptoms I went to the hospital with. I had severe pain and burning in the area of my colon. They ran a CT scan and didn’t see any major inflammation. They did blood work and they found only minor issues with some of the levels related to my liver. i went to an actual Gastro doctor a week ago and he suggested it could be IBS but said I should consider a colonoscopy if the symptoms don’t get better. I told him the reasearch i did about Candida and asked him what he thought. He said he didn’t believe that a fungal overgrowth could happen. I asked him if he knew what caused IBS and he said no. So, i said ‘Then it is possible its fungus and we don’t know yet’. He said anything is possible but it seems unlikely.

Other symptoms I’ve had are a lack of sex drive, muscle pain, heightened anxiety, a disconnected feeling, tingling or numbness in limbs, and one strange really strange one… the bottoms of my feet got super sore all of a sudden and callused up to where i could barely walk on them. I had to get insoles… that seemed to pass though after i got insoles. I’ve worked out a lot before and never had that happen. All the symtoms seemed to happen around the same time. Though i’ve been plagued with anxiety attacks and gastro problems for several years. So much so that I thought I had Celiacs for a while when my mom was diagnosed a few months ago because I had issues eating wheat. But all my symptoms got very serious about 3 weeks ago. Gastro symptoms were enough to land me in the hospital.

It’s really great to have a supportive group like this. I thought I was going crazy or had cancer or something and was going to die. This is pretty nasty stuff but I’m happy to at least know I’ll probably survive. If I had have known about this possible condition sooner I could have kept it from getting serious. It’s unfortunate our medical industry serves the drug companies rather than us.