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Dear GK and LilDonnie,

thank you both, for your valuable responses.

GK, you are suggesting for RAW brown rice. What does that mean? do you mean to eat it as it is or can I cook it a little bit like boiling or steaming it up?

For last 15 days, I have not taken any kind of sugar at all. Not even fruits. yes, I am taking bare minimum stevia sweetners.

I am also taking 2-3 big cloves of raw garlic every day. After eating garlic I feel cramps in my stomach for atleast 10 minutes and then it goes away. And, it happens everytime after dose of garlic. I dont know if I should be concerned about it.

I live in Europe so can not buy the products on this website so I am buying equivalents available here. They are all swiss or german products.

As of now die-off (if it is) is not killing me. Even oral thrush as such is not painful. its just that it seems to be spreading a little bit. But I have decided not to give up so soon and continue with what I am doing. I will remove chapatis from my diet and see if it changes anything.

Heart burn seems to have gone away but instead now but it looks it is replaced by bitter throat symptom. but it is tolerable compared to heart burn.

full body hair loss is still a big problem.