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Hi Wanttolive,

I am sorry to hear you are having so many problems. I am not sure if all your symptoms are related to candida, but since you have oral thrush, I guess you do have candida infestation.

– By raw rice (brown or red rice), I mean that this is not ‘polished’ or refined in any way. You can surely cook it (I usually boil it and add some salt and cummin seeds for taste).

– I have garlic, ginger, onions (all raw) + coconut oil and scraped coconut + olives + turmeric every day as natural anti-fungals. Raw garlic is pretty strong and if you already have heartburn issues, then I think 2-3 cloves every day maybe a lot….try having just 1-2 and see if it works. I usually have garlic at night time since it tends to produce some gas.

– Also avoid all starchy vegetables & fruits (potatoes, tapioca, bananas, carrots etc).

I have been on the diet plan for 3 months, but I assume it will take about 8-12 months to get rid of this 🙁